26 Apr

We have finally gone live!

This feels a little bit like a ‘hello world’ post whereas in fact I think we would prefer to call it a ‘we have lined our ducks up’ posting. Over the past 18 months we have spent quite a bit of time working with our existing customers to develop a mobile workforce solution which would be flexible enough to meet a diverse range of client needs. There has been a real focus within the office over the past month to have a website and promotional material available to show exactly how powerful and versatile Re-flow is.

As far as mobile workforce solutions go, we are really excited at how much Re-flow can do to help businesses improve their communication using our native cloud tool. With pricing starting from just £20 per month, we also feel that this is very competitive.

The feedback we have had from some of our clients, including Tony Benger Landscaping, Bridge Civil Engineering, Glendinning and GM Coachwork, has meant that Re-flow has some really nice features. Over the next few months, we will be sharing case studies on how Re-flow is working for our clients and uploading new posts going into detail about
each feature.
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