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Can I integrate Re-flow with Sage or QuickBooks?

Re-flow has an API, so it can be integrated with a whole host of third party systems such as Sage.

Can Re-flow pull its data from my antiquated job management system?

Maybe. We have done this for other customers. Re-flow has an API, which means it can communicate with third party systems… so we can look at it and see what we can do. There would be additional fees for this kind of service which we would discuss with you before any work is carried out.

I’m only going to need 5 user accounts, does that mean the monthly cost could be cheaper for me?

Afraid not. Its £20 per user, but our minimum number of users is 20. By all means, you can use only 5 of those accounts, but you’ll still be paying for 20.

Is all my data going to be secure?

Yes, absolutely. All data sits behind an SSL. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and include tripwire software which alerts us to any unusual activity. Finally, there’s 30 days of data backups so even if there was a catastrophe, we can restore your data.

Some of my field team shy away from technology, how will they take to this?

We understand this issue – we’ve got lots of customers who say the same thing and so we have spent a lot of effort making the app really intuitive and easy to use. Much of the data is auto completed, actually making the process of form filling a lot quicker and easier than it would be on paper. The layout is simple and buttons are a good size. There’s a tool to change the text size and because the app is completely native, it integrates easy-to-learn swipe gestures.

Can I access the dashboard from my computer at home and will I have to install special software?

The dashboard is web based and hosted in the cloud – so you can access it from any PC, Mac, laptop, even a tablet, anywhere in the world, via a modern browser. You don’t need special software.

Some members of my field team want to use the app on their own phones – is that possible?

Yes. The app your team will use in the field, works on iOS 8+ on the iPhone and iPad and Android: 4.4+ phone and tablet. It also rescales to any device screen size.

If you have any questions at all about our workforce management solutions please complete the form below or phone us on 01392 427358.

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