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What is Re-flow?

Re-flow is a workforce tool aimed at businesses which have staff working outside of the office on location. Our solution provides a digital means to push and pull information and resources between the office and the field employees. Via a web based dashboard, admin in the office create and monitor jobs, tasks and associated forms, maps, photos and other data.

The information is accessed by the employee in the field via a smart phone or tablet. The user signs in to see their jobs and tasks, access relevant maps and project information, complete and digitally sign forms such as risk assessments and time sheets, all on their Apple or Android device.

How does it Work?

The Admin Dashboard

The Re-flow dashboard is your admin portal that gives you an overview of your daily operational activities.

Access to the dashboard is via a modern browser on any PC, Mac or tablet, and is password protected. The dashboard is extremely easy to use and only takes a couple of hours training to get to grips with.

You can create and assign jobs and task lists for your staff, attach documents, images and forms to jobs and create maps with job location markers for projects or travel routes.

Monitor and collect data as it comes back from your staff. View and download completed forms for every project, see on-location photographs, monitor job and the status of a task.

The App

Your staff access Re-flow via an app on their smart phone or tablet. The app is available to download from the app stores and you have to login to access the content.

The app gives access to all the user’s jobs and tasks. They can also complete, and digitally sign all the forms they will need on a project – these might include timesheets, site diaries, permits, delivery forms, vehicle inspection logs, chemical use forms... basically, any type of form your company uses day-to-day.

Users can also view location and route maps, project images and documents, as well as customer details.

The app also includes the means to access all your company manuals and policies, meaning your staff can look up and refer to any company information they may need while onsite.



The Re-flow app works on IOS and Android platforms - so any modern smart Apple or Android phone or tablet.

The dashboard can be accessed on any up to date browser on a PC or Mac desktop, laptop or tablet.

The app is fully native

This means it runs smoothly and efficiently across all devices and uses familiar swipe gestures, text-resizing features and can even access the device camera and sensors. The layout re-sizes for any screen size, both in portrait and landscape and everything renders the same across all platforms including all form fields.

Small and secure

All content to the app resides behind a secure SSL, keeping information safe. The app is engineered to be as compact and streamlined as possible so as to keep the file size small.

Keep your team up to date

With Re-flow, you no longer have to send out emails to your team with attachments that you hope they will receive, and download, and keep on their devices when they are onsite. There are no concerns that the documents your team are working from are out of date or they are missing documents. All content on Re-flow is managed from the dashboard, where you can push whatever you need your staff to have at their fingertips onsite, and where a quick change to any information, gets instantly pushed out to your staff devices.

You’ll no longer be waiting for a form to come back into the office.  All forms in Re-flow are digital. When your employee attends a job and completes a form, they click submit and that data is now on its way straight back to the dashboard. The dashboard even lets you see when a form is only partially completed.

It works offline

One of the best advantages of Re-flow, is that it works offline without an Internet connection. Even when working in remote areas, you need to have the confidence that your team are still able to record activity and undertake their work - Re-flow allows you to do that. All files are stored on the device and updates are downloaded and uploaded whenever the device has a signal. The worker can still work on a file in the knowledge that the next time a signal is found, the device will update to and from the cloud.


Native Android


Native iOS


*Web HTML5



*May have some limited functionality


Jobs and Task Lists

Through the management dashboard, you can create jobs and tasks associated with those jobs and include instructions, documentation, images, maps and forms.

User Specific

Assign jobs, tasks and information to individuals or groups. You can even assign jobs to a group of users but assign specific tasks to individuals.


We can integrate a wide range of forms into the app. These might include, but are certainly not limited to, risk assessments, time sheets, site inductions, visitor records, permits, toolbox talk logs, waste management forms, stock records and chemical use logs. We set these forms up for you and build them to your unique requirements. When the user completes a form in the app, the data is sent to the dashboard, where it can be viewed and downloaded by your management team

Dynamic Forms and calculators

Because they are digital, we can create very complex and clever forms. This means that we can make options selected in a field change the data and fields shown in the next part of the form and we can integrate formulas to automatically calculate results. This means that we can create useful tools for you such as a concrete calculator or material mixing formulas for example. It means, that where once you might have had to pick from 50 different risk assessments, we can now create one dynamic form where the first set of drop downs influence what is then shown below.

It Works Offline

Once the user syncs the app, they then have the latest version of the content. They can then use all aspects of the app offline. They can access documents, attachments and job information and they can complete tasks and forms. When their device then connects to the internet, anything they have done gets pushed up into the cloud, and anything new from the management dashboard, will be downloaded to the app.

Forms, Jobs and Tasks All Work Offline Too!

When the user completes a form, the data gets stored on the device and will be sent when there’s an Internet connection. If the connection is lost half way through submission, that’s not a problem – the system is clever enough to pick up right from where it left off. It even tells the user what’s been submitted and what forms are awaiting synchronisation.

Digital Signatures

Need your forms to be signed off? We include a facility so that users (or even groups of users) have to electronically sign specific forms. Their signature(s) then get stored with the data in the dashboard.

Time, Date and Location

When a user completes a form in the app, we can stamp that form with a time, date and GPS location marker. This means you can be sure that forms were filled in at correct times, date and onsite. You can use this functionality for time sheets, so you know exactly where and when your staff clocked in and out.


Take photographs using the device camera, and then annotate, mark-up and even add measurements to the picture. The image automatically gets attached to a job, with a date and time stamp and can then be accessed by other Re-flow users on the job as well as management in the dashboard. This really useful tool, helps during estimating, provides a record of work done, damage, or even document an accident.


Set up maps with location markers and routes for your staff to access within jobs in the app. Within the dashboard, locations assigned to jobs can be overviewed on one map, and you can even colour code map pins to show you the status of every project.

Manuals, Guides and Policies

Re-flow can act as a company manual. The dashboard includes a section where you can add all your staff policies, health and safety details, guides and instructions. It's content managed, much like a website CMS, so you can create as many pages as you like and it’s all searchable in the app.

Code scanner

Re-flow includes a facility to scan bar codes and QR codes. If your business marks equipment, parts or materials in this manner, then your staff can use this tool to scan and record items straight into forms in the app.

Admin Permissions

The dashboard gives you the means to create new admin accounts yourself for your whole management team. You can set different permissions for each admin user, so that each can only access the areas of the dashboard they need to.


Admin have the facility to check back on previous versions of content. Every time admin make a change to the content, the system records the change and when they made the change.

App Platforms

The app operates in portrait and landscape and is optimised for iOS 8+ on the iPhone and iPad and Android: 4.4+ phone and tablet.


Re-flow is white labelled. We change the colours of the app to your brand colours and add your logo - so it feels like your app.


Before the service goes live, we provide you with training on how you add content, update information and how to use your dashboard and app.


We provide a fully managed hosting service for the dashboard and app data.


The service includes ongoing support so you can be confident that we continue to look after you.


We have a continual programme of development of Re-flow. We'll keep your system up to date with upgrades to future versions of Android and iOS, security patches and new features and improvements.

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