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Share your experience with our product and service and we'll reward you and your company! We have a range of different options on how we can create a case study with you, so take a look at the options below and see if any of them will work for you.

Co-Marketing as a company

Your good use of Re-flow make us look good.

As case studies are a win-win for us all, we'll put a £1000 ad spend on promoting your case study through our industry media and sponsored social media. We will approve all the channels of promotion with you before we start and keep you posted on any additional coverage your case study receives.

Celebrating your achievements as an individual

If you'd rather share your story from a personal perspective

If you're pushing for best practice within your company, we can also do an individual case study that looks at how you're using Re-flow to change the way you do things in your role. We can conduct 1-2-1 interviews via email if preferred or come to you and film it. You'll also receive a £100 gift card to thank you for your time

The Process

We can tell a story you want to tell. If you've used Re-flow for something that makes you look great, let's tell that story together.

  1. We will agree a list of questions that you would like to answer via email. We are happy to suggest a list of outline questions for your approval, which you can add to or amend as appropriate.
  2. Once we have the storyline in place, we ask you to suggest filming locations in your office and/or working site that best represents your company.
  3. You choose who you would like to be interviewed, it can be a mixtures of different roles in your team, or we can run the case study as a 1-2-1 conversation between you and one of our management team.
  4. We come to you and film and can fit the session into a 10am- 4pm shoot or spread it over two days for office and location recordings.
  5. Once the filming is complete, we will edit it into a rough cut and send it over for your comments and and anything you would like edited.
  6. With your feedback, we will then edit it into a final version and share it with you for final approval before making it live.

  1. We will agree a list of questions that you would like to answer via email. We are happy to suggest a list of outline questions for your approval, which you can add to or amend as appropriate.
  2. You can involve two or three employees to capture the case study from across the business, each simply filling out the email questionnaire.
  3. Once the questionnaires are returned, we will write up the responses into a case study and share it with you for feedback and approval
  4. Once you are happy with the copy, we will make the case study live.

Send us your information to get the ball rolling!

Any concerns?

If you have some commercially sensitive information or your case study involves a third party such as your client that you'd rather not disclose, will will accommodate any requests to protect your privacy and come up with a fitting limited use of the case study.

For any policies that means the identity of your company cannot be disclosed, we can also create an anonymised case study.

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