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Instant access to the latest information with a real-time overview of your entire workflow

On-location access to tasks, checklists and paperwork for all users at any time.​
Consistent information delivered to staff from site to office and back
The Re-flow dashboard means central admin and operations teams can schedule and monitor staff in the field 24/7
Digital forms, images and other project documents returned to the dashboard are grouped online together forever
In the field, the one-click export function means you can easily send digital paperwork to external recipients without holding up work.
  • Redefining digital workflow management
  • Toppesfield's Digital Transformation
  • Quality Marking Services
  • Landscape Services SW
  • Arque master site to office communications
It’s really helped make our office to site communications much more efficient, which obviously saves us time and money.
Louise Tremayne
Office Manager
I have to say the feedback about Re-flow has been overwhelmingly positive. Sites have found it really useful for consistently knowing what they need to do and getting the information from the office. Similarly, the office have been really pleased with the amount of information that’s been coming back to them. Overall an overwhelming success.
Mark Salmon
Finance Director
Information from site visits was being submitted in batches at the end of the month instead of in real-time. Now with Re-flow, staff can analyse different aspects of the site and be able to record things straight away. I wish I’d had Re-flow 20 years ago when I first started working in Health and Safety
John Turner
Health and Safety Manager

Communication is crucial- keep responsive with Re-flow

Have confidence that your workforce is connected and keep an instant real-time overview of your entire workflow. The responsive scheduler and live syncing means you can refocus activities and manage issues as they happen and can be sure that you are working safely and effectively.

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