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Encouraging Staff Responsibility

How Job Management Software stops slopey shoulders

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Stan Still- Business Development Manager
Occasionally there are key members of a team who should take greater control of sharing information, but suffer from an allergy to responsibility. When important answers are covered with blame and excuses, the rest of the team can only function as well as its weakest link.

Diagnosing Slopey Shoulders

To gain the title of having slopey shoulders means a member of the team has a particular skill for dodging work and/or making decisions, and a strong ability to pass the buck onto a colleague. Normally this is done to avoid blame or to avoid doing a task that may be boring, but if members of the team are successful in getting away with it, this signals a failure in a company's business process management.

    Slopey Shoulders are easy to spot, so if you start hearing any of the following, get ready to nip it in the bud before it becomes embedded in your team:
    These excuses will cause your workflows to come to a stand still, but implementing job management software that clearly defines expectations and responsibilities removes the wiggle room that allows for blame and excuses.
    Correcting Slopey Shoulders
    1. Motivate and Incentivise
      Getting members of staff to take greater responsibility for the overall success of the job is best addressed initially with motivating activities, such as clearly defining the task, giving checklists so they know they're meeting expectations and providing feedback when they've completed the overall task.
    2. Make it mandatory
      If the operatives are still shirking jobs or cutting corners, then breaking tasks down into smaller processes, where each stage must be completed before you can move to the next is the key in removing the opportunities for work avoidance.
    3. Spell it out
      When you reach the point where your team are still not performing to expectations and the blame game is in full swing, creating a means to enforcing full accountability for the work they do becomes necessary. Through the completion of digital forms where operatives must photograph their work, complete checks and sign it off, with time, date and location stamps attached to each submitted piece of work, you can eradicate slopey shoulders by enforcing a full audit trail of their work.
    Nuts and bolts

    Find out more about Re-flow's site management app and managing information workflows

    With responsibility accepted, it's time to burst Stan's bubble!
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