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Feel equipped for quick decisions with limitless customisation options for groups, jobs and scheduling.

On-site access to job information, task lists, schedules, work plans and timesheets, all location and time stamped
Re-flow is custom configured at set-up so you don’t have to make do with ill-fitting ‘off the shelf’ features.
The responsive scheduler and live syncing means you can refocus activities and manage issues as they happen and can be sure that you are working safely and effectively.
Centrally you can create new or amend existing jobs in minutes, supporting optimised resource management.
In the field, the one-click export function means you can easily send digital paperwork to external recipients without holding up work.

See how other customers have used Re-flow to gain flexibility in their business

  • Redefining digital workflow management
  • Tony Benger Landscaping
  • Quality Marking Services
“It was very refreshing to find a company that are committed to delivering a product that fits the needs of their customers, as opposed to trying to bend their customer’s processes around a fixed product. I meet a lot of companies offering services similar to Re-flow in my line of work, but the owners and developers at Re-flow surprised me with their enthusiastic and innovative approach to delivering a service that meets all of the operational needs here at South West Highways.”
Shaun Gibbins
Business Solutions & Technology Manager
South West Highways
“The system has made us more efficient and responsive. The benefits are just great and I would highly recommend Re-flow.”
Will Stops
Managing Director
Landscape Services (SW) Ltd
"Re-flow has far exceeded our expectations and as we progress more with it, the possibilities seem to be endless. The time that it has saved me has allowed me to focus so much more on other areas of my job. I can now manage my time so much more efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend the Re-flow app to any other business where it might be useful."
Linda Murphy
Highway Markings Ltd
"It’s a real game-changer. Freed from the burden of huge amounts of admin, we have more time to focus on actual Landscaping and company development. I fail to see how it wouldn’t benefit almost any business which has staff working remotely. The unforeseen benefits just keep appearing; recently we found it made us a contender for a large contract which demanded live reporting. It’s a fantastic product as it is - but when backed up by Re-flow’s tirelessly supportive and flexible approach – well, I just wish we’d got on board years ago. We’d certainly never go back"
Oliver Hemson
Commercial Dept. Manager
Tony Benger Landscaping

Connect your entire workforce across shifts and locations in real-time

The Re-flow workforce app provides mobile workers software for anyone working in site and field services. With custom configuration at set-up, your Re-flow system will deliver the flexibility you need to be in control of your processes and operations, in real-time.

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