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  • Creating Jobs and Tasks
Creating job and tasks

1 Creating job and tasks

  • Include detailed specifications, images, location maps and routes, and attach assets such as pdfs.
  • Jobs can be assigned to groups or individual staff, and projects can be split across multiple dates.
  • Easily assign new tasks or pre-set task lists
  • Enforce completion of forms/process for onsite
  • Assign vehicles, plant and operatives to jobs
  • Immediate/increase speed of distribution of jobs and job updates
  • Simple updates
  • Job/project information cannot be lost
Image Instructions

2 Image Instructions

  • Forms include pictures and diagrams to improves understanding when literacy or languages are a factor.
  • Re-flow contains satisfaction emojis, for quick, quantifiable ways to evaluate the sentiment operatives have towards a job, process or task.
  • Through having image instructions,you can guide people through checking and testing proceducres without needing specialist knowledge.

Smart Syncing

3 Smart Syncing

  • Just a few clicks to set up jobs and tasks, which your staff can now instantly access on their phones wherever they are.
  • The user securely signs in, syncs and instantly has access to the latest task lists, job specifications, relevant maps and project documents.
  • As soon as the worker completes the form they click send and the information is back with you at the office!
  • All files are stored on the device, so when there’s no Internet connection, your workers can still access all the information they need for a job, as well as record activity and complete forms. Once a connection is restored, the device automatically syncs information to and from the cloud.

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