Posted on 2020-05-04
04 May

Don't join the dark side

With everything going on at the moment, it’s easy to start thinking on the dark side of life, so if you’re more worried about hitting targets than a stormtrooper, it’s time to get Re-flow.

What can we do to give you new hope? Take a look!

Check out more about Re-flow's instant information management

Edit, annotate and update your forms on site, with a full change history for your audit trails.

Our field management software includes the ability to generate and edit quotes and invoices and send them as PDFs - tied together in one place against a project.

Easily reassign jobs and manage issues as they happen to keep work flowing

Hopefully the start of this year has just been a rogue one, and things will come back into balance for us all soon...

In the meantime, we’re still offering delayed payment terms for 6 months, so you can install, configure, roll out and start benefiting from the software without having to pay!

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