Posted on 2019-02-04
04 Feb

National Sickie Day 2019

If it’s feeling a bit quiet at work today, it may be because Monday 4th February is this year’s ‘National Sickie Day’, where employees declare themselves unfit to work due to illness, but may really have a different reason. Last year some 350,000 people called in sick on this day.

Factors contributing to this are believed to be:

  • The first Monday after the end of ‘Dry January’ so people will be nursing hangovers.
  • The first payday since before Christmas for many, so the end of social austerity and once again, hangovers.
  • ‘New Year New Career’ has been simmering through January, so people have lined up interviews, with the first Monday in February being one of the most popular for this.

Of course, there are going to be legitimate absences on this day, but spikes in self-certified sickdays don’t help trust in the workplace and Re-flow research with YouGov has found that 21% of Brits don’t believe their colleagues are completing work when they say they are.

Build trust in your workplace

Re-flow developed our geotagging and timestamping features to help companies create indisputable audit trails and keep track of plant materials. However, this feature has another benefit that also allows employees to check in on location, fill out their timesheet and prove they are where they say they are.

Whether you’re an employee that wants to check in or an employer who just wants to check, Re-flow’s log and locate is here to help, on National Sickie Day and the other 364 days of the year.

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