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  • Photos and Annotation
Taking and annotating photos

1 Taking and annotating photos

  • Take photographs using the device camera, and then annotate, mark-up and even add measurements to the picture.
  • The image is time and date stamped, and automatically attached to a form and a job.
  • Provide a record of work done, damage caused, or even document an accident.
  • Enable high levels of clarity among operatives.

2 Calculators

  • We can build and integrate useful calculators into the app that your workers might need to access regularly.
  • Examples we have developed for other clients include concrete and asphalt calculators, where a user can select a product type and the meter coverage and the tool displays the quantity required.
Barcodes and scanners

3 Barcodes and scanners

The app includes a facility to scan bar codes and QR codes. If your business marks equipment, parts or materials in this manner, then your staff can use the app to scan and record items straight into forms.

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