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  • Receiving information in the field
  • Re-flow Reports
Receiving data back to the office

1 Receiving data back to the office

  • Forms on the app are easier to complete, with most fields using dropdowns, so there are no excuses
  • With ordered task lists, information has to be completed before the worker can move to the next section.
  • With the command dashboard, you can enforce checks, policy and process adherence, while definitively directing the upload and sharing of information. This means you can finally have a system that unites communication within your workforce, regardless of location or working hours.
  • Get an accurate bill of quantities comparing materials they should be using on the job and can be referenced with what the engineer states they end up using


2 Reports

All Re-flow reports are built bespoke for your specific requirements. Some uses might include:

  • Export costs with markup for instant PDF invoicing
  • Use reports in all kinds of ways, such as comparing skill sets in each location or actual wage costs per site.
  • Use reports to tell you which vehicles or plant is requiring the most frequent or costly maintenance to help decision making on asset write down.
  • The prerequisite training/expiry dates of current training that if absent/lapsed would make upcoming training invalid.

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