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  • Maps and Schedules
Maps and schedules

Maps and schedules

  • Assign map locations and overview all jobs in the dashboard, while your staff can see the location and route markers for their jobs in the app.
  • A responsive scheduler with live syncing within Re-flow, allows you to drag, drop and assign all your jobs and staff so you can refocus activities and manage issues as they happen.
  • If you want to quickly select operatives based on skills, roles, gangs or as individuals, you can.
  • Auto-sort with the new filter system, grab the right gang and get going!
  • View all work on a map to quickly and easily schedule jobs, reducing operative travel time and enabling more jobs with efficient routing.
  • Does not rely on an actual address, can do a general search through postcode and then move the marker
  • Reduce operative travel time, increase productivity and reduce travel costs
  • Planning is simplified for office staff, saving time

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