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Need a good reason? We can give you at least ten!

10 reasons accelerate productivity
1. Productivity Gains

In the UK, Construction is officially the least productive sector per person and workers each spend over 75 hours a year reading, completing and locating paperwork. Use Re-flow to bring your paperwork process online, putting everything you need at your fingertips, automate repetitive tasks and make completing forms fast and easy.

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10 reasons instant status overviews
2. Instant Status Overviews

Use Re-flow to get instant reports on what has been completed and what is outstanding/pending. Your workers complete forms on their device, and on submission, instantly get pushed into the cloud where they can be viewed by you on a dashboard. Then with the information, create powerful reports to give a clear overview of your operations.

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10 reasons real time issues
3. Real-time Management

A responsive scheduler with live syncing within Re-flow, allows you to drag, drop and assign all your jobs and staff so you can refocus activities and manage issues as they happen. If you want to quickly select operatives based on skills, roles, gangs or as individuals, you can auto-sort with the new filter system, grab the right gang and get going!

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10 reasons eliminate inefficiencies
4. Eliminate Inefficiencies

By sticking with paper, you’re wasting a lot of time managing information that’s come back from your field staff. Re-flow puts an end to this! It’s all available digitally in the dashboard so no more chasing, typing or filing it. Last year we found some interesting stats on how much money is wasted with paper processes. Find out what you could save in our cost calculator.

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10 reasons indisputable evidence
5. Evidence and Audit Trails

Re-flow lets you see who completed what and when in the field and across your management team. Every job is user based so you can track who completed a form, took a photograph or completed a task. Re-flow comes with a locate and log facility that means all information is time and location stamped, giving you a perfect audit trail across your workflow.

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10 reasons faster time to invoice
6. Faster Time to Invoice

Re-flow makes the transfer of data between management and worker instant and paper free, with no more lost forms in the back of a van. Use in-built calculators for your bill of quantities, then instantly generate and send quotes/invoices. Integrates with all your major accountancy software platforms!

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10 reasons centralise control
7. Centralised Control

Have ultimate control of your scheduling, staff, resources and reporting, and be confident that everyone is working with the latest information using strict version controls. With the command dashboard, you can enforce checks, policy and process adherence, while directing the upload and sharing of information. This means you can finally have a system that unites communication within your workforce, regardless of location or working hours.

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10 reasons accessibility anywhere
8. Accessibility Anywhere

All files are stored on the device, so when there’s no Internet connection, your workers can still access all the information, task lists, schedules, work plans and timesheets they need for a job, as well as record activity and complete forms. Once a connection is restored, the device automatically syncs information to and from the cloud.

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10 reasons protect profitability
9. Protect Profitability

The construction industry has the second highest number of insolvencies in the UK. The most wastage in the sector comes from unused or mismanaged staff time. Sending task lists loaded with all the required instructions and information, as well as removing a raft of unnecessary admin and saving hours of unutilised time, can make the difference between remaining profitable or not.

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10 reasons goof proof
10. Goof Proof Processes

How often do you get paper forms back that make no sense at all? With Re-flow, forms are digitally completed on the app, and where possible, staff choose from pre-populated dropdowns. They can now also include pictures and diagrams, which significantly improves understanding of jobs.

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