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Re-flow mobile workforce software for all traffic management jobs, from 12A to 12D

On-site access to job information, task lists, schedules, work plans and timesheets, all location and time stamped
Complete all your vehicle maintenance and stock check forms.
Re-flow is custom configured at set-up so you don’t have to make do with ill-fitting ‘off the shelf’ features.
The responsive scheduler and live syncing means you can refocus activities and manage issues as they happen and can be sure that you are working safely and effectively.
Centrally you can create new or amend existing jobs in minutes, supporting optimised resource management.

Traffic and Highways Management Success Stories

  • Toppesfield's Digital Transformation
  • Quality Marking Services
  • Highway Traffic Management
“We identified the need for a solution to on-site form management and process compliance and chose Re-flow due to their previous experience in our sector and the functionality/ease of use of their product. The process has been enlightening and satisfying. Re-flow has delivered more accurate, timely and consistent information that is easier and less time-consuming to complete, making our business more efficient as a result.”
Sam Hennessy
Business Improvement Manager
We use Re-flow for our data transfer, health and safety information site inspections and also for on-site staff to send us photographs of any problems, for their timesheets, daily records and diaries, so that everything is saved in one location.
Simon Masterman
Project Manager
Bridge Civil Engineering
In terms of compliance we've had a big improvement because what we've been able to do is put a lot of our management system forms on there as well, so our internal audit programs, evaluation of compliance and non-conformance records are all now generated through Re-flow, which allows that audit process to be a lot quicker and more efficient.
Greg Baldwin
Business Director
Highway Traffic Management

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If your company is responsible for planning, managing and participating in operations to implement, maintain and remove temporary traffic management arrangements, then Re-flow is the software for you. Our platform helps managers and supervisors design and operate service to schedule, capture, track, report and reduce the risks of working in and around live roadworks such as highways improvement schemes, excavations, structural or maintenance works of any kind, street works or anything executed on or near the highway.

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