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About Re-flow Software Development

More information from behind the scenes at Re-flow HQ

Nice to meet you!

Re-flow is an award-winning software company based in the heart of Exeter, Devon. Founded in 2016, the company now has a raft of clients across the highways, construction, maintenance and civil engineering sectors, using our software solutions to digitise their workflow management.

Our mission is to provide businesses with field operations a world-class field service management software that enables them to grow rapidly, saving time, increasing productivity, and ensuring compliance.

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What is Re-flow designed to do?

Our solution also helps our clients increase productivity by putting the full power of the project into the hands of the operatives, so they can handle processes on their own. In the back office, it enables managers to identify incomplete tasks, map out the workflow into the most efficient format, automate the processes of briefings and sign offs, and identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

We also meet the growing requirements of audits trails and compliance, because our solution automatically creates digital records of the progress and completion of tasks, along with pertinent details such as who completed the action, when it was done, and any changes made.

Is Re-flow for you?

Re-flow is suitable for many industries, from construction, civil engineering, highways, ground works, road marking, landscaping, estate and property management, PAT testing... even care and health industries. Any business, where employees are carrying out a job on location, are going to benefit from Re-flow. That’s because every mobile worker usually must refer to a job spec, log activity and complete forms. Re-flow makes the transfer of this data, between management and worker, instant and paper free.

Our future

When a business makes the decision to undergo a digital transformation and bring all their workflow processes and procedures online, they experience a shift change in performance improvements. Once this step has been taken, for some, this is where the performance improvements rest for a while. With Re-flow, there is an in-house development team working on the latest digital forms, functions and features that keep the software on the cutting edge for the industry, so for existing clients, the performance improvements keep on coming.