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Master compliance with digital forms that are so much more than their paper counterpart.

Re-flow comes packed with over 40 form templates out the box, with the ability to customise any form or build new ones from scratch.

Form Builder

Our intuitive block-based system lets users build forms of all complexities with ease, always to regulatory standards. Copy and modify existing forms or start from scratch. Utilise formulas, calculations and automation to further expedite working processes and build forms tailored to your specific needs.

Features Form Builder Create

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Enable field operatives to take control of their safety. When potential hazards emerge, users simply input information concerning risks on-site from drop-down lists. Based on data being inputted, the form takes full advantage of Re-flow's powerful formulas and calculations to determine a total risk rating. Users can enable this form to trigger automated workflows that can notify relevant users, or even put jobs on hold based on severity.

Forms Dynamic Risk Assessment

Job Sheet

Capture all data concerning jobs including start time, end time, time, data and location. Gain confidence that works are proceeding safely and efficiently with photographic evidence that operatives can capture and attach directly through the app. Job sheets also automatically calculate total work hours, which can be viewed and utilised through reports.

Forms Job Sheet

Noise Assessment Form

Ensure that sites are operating to government standards, and that your workers are protected. Enable qualified operatives to measure noise exposure and utilise data to plan jobs safely and mitigate potential hazards.

Forms Noise Assessment Form

Toolbox Talk Log

Submitting toolbox talks will collate to a toolbox talk matrix, allowing users to collect and view data in the dashboard. This can be used to track toolbox talk training between users and groups, displaying conflicts in the scheduler when users lack the training.

Forms Toolbox Talk Log

Vehicle Safety Check

Ensure vehicles remain safe and operational with photographic evidence and GPS location tagging that live update your dashboard records for reactive scheduling. When defects are logged, audit trails are created automatically all the way through to servicing.

Forms Vehicle Safety Check