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Ditch tedious, manual processes and streamline your workflows with a set of powerful features that adapt to your business.
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Easily create job entries and track them through to completion. Attach all job information, including PDFs, locations, and equipment digitally and assign to individual operatives or entire user groups at once.

Features Events and Tasks

Events and Tasks

Get operatives where they need to be, on time, with scheduled events. From unique, one-time job visits to a regularly recurring series of visits. Assign plant, vehicles, and tasks, and eliminate overlaps with our event conflict scheduling.

Features Scheduling


Use the calendar view to create events – jobs, training, maintenance and much more. When changes arise, gain the flexibility to make swift changes to assigned users and equipment that are instantly communicated with your team.

Features Team Communication

Team Communication

Instantly push notifications and messages to individuals or groups. Attach PDFs and resources straight from your system, and gain peace of mind that everyone’s in the know and on task with read receipts.

Features Asset Management

Asset Management

Utilise accurate, real-time data in flexible ways – employees, plant, vehicles, clients and more. Stay current with service history and last known location, or schedule regular servicing reminders. Our records are so much more than a visual list.

Features Form Functionality

Form Functionality

Powerful, adaptable, and smart. Our catalogue of digital forms ensures that your site remains compliant, auditable, and safe. Instant communication and strict enforcement ensure form information is instant and accurate at all times.

Features Automation


Go a step beyond simply capturing data, and further streamline your business. Use forms to automate processes, triggering actions, notifications and entire workflows that adapt based on how form data is completed.

Features Form Builder

Form Builder

Digital doesn’t have to mean overcomplicated. Our intuitive block-based system lets users build forms of all complexities with ease, always to regulatory standards. Copy and modify existing forms or start from scratch to build forms tailored to your needs.

Features Reports


Quality, live data that’s in your hands within seconds, not days. Stay current and plan ahead with the information you need to remain in the know. Pick the data that’s important to you, then track and share exactly it how you need.

Features Capture Sign off Track

Capture, Sign off and Track

Track the status of all your assets on the go with pinpoint accuracy, with all forms logging digital signatures, location and time stamps. Operatives can also attach detailed photographs with annotations and measurements, so you can stay current on what’s happening on-site.

Features Live User Tracking

Live User Tracking

Get a granular breakdown of user activity with real-time locational data sent straight to the dashboard. Filter by jobs, gangs or individual users and enable admin staff to be more reactive when unforeseen changes emerge in the field.

Features Offline Working

Offline Working

Don’t let your work be hindered by poor connectivity. Even when operating on remote sites with no internet access, operatives can still harness all the features and information they need to keep work safe and efficient.

Features Quotes Billing and Invoicing

Quotes, Billing and Invoicing

Create a bill of quantities as you set up jobs which can then be used to calculate quotes – automatically accounting for quantities and VAT. Set statuses according to your customer’s response, so that when the project is ready for invoicing, so are you.

Features Integrations


Adopting our system doesn’t come with bringing your business to a grinding halt. With integrations and a powerful API, Re-flow can seamlessly fit alongside existing processes and software, including accounting and CRM packages.

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