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Team Communication

Instantly communicate information to your operatives and teams, without the need for fragmented messaging apps, e-mails and chasing phone calls.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?


Push messages to individual operatives or bulk send to entire teams at once, with the ability to attach all the crucial information needed to communicate sudden changes on jobs – PDFs, photos, locations and more. With your entire team on a single messaging solution, ensure everyone’s in the know with read receipts that tell you who’s acknowledged communications, and who hasn’t.

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Automated Notifications

Utilise Re-flow’s intelligent workflow automation to trigger notifications based on actions such as form completion, job progress updates, asset servicing updates and more. Push communications through the internal messaging system or send out e-mails to all relevant personnel. Ensure that everyone’s in the loop as soon as changes arise, without even lifting a finger.

Features Team Communication Automated Notifications

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