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Field Management Software for Highways

Eliminate wasted time and keep your business moving forward with instant communication, streamlined digital processes and strictly enforced compliance.
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Three problems solved

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Stay Current

Real-time job progress and data submission allows managers and teams on the ground visibility of what’s been completed, what’s required, and the operatives, equipment and assets assigned. Instant access to live information enables reactive, data-driven decisions in the field.

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Enforce Compliance

Our forms are unique, feature-rich and powerful beyond collecting data. They enable you to use logic to enforce process, enact compliance, and harvest high quality data that enables robust audit trails and detailed reports.

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Eliminate Manual Processes

Re-flow's messaging, notifications and automation systems ensure your team communications are instant, frictionless and reliable. No more fragmented messaging apps, e-mails and chasing phone calls. It’s all done through the app.

Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?
Ashcourt Group Breedon Bridge Highway Assurance WJ Chevron ELM Tarmac logo svg FM Conway Glendinning Green Valley Construction Greenlight Highways Atm Intelligent Traffic Systems Mammoth MTS Dark MVIS Nu phalt Roadway Traffic Management TSE Surfacing
Ashcourt Group Breedon Bridge Highway Assurance WJ Chevron ELM Tarmac logo svg FM Conway Glendinning Green Valley Construction Greenlight Highways Atm Intelligent Traffic Systems Mammoth MTS Dark MVIS Nu phalt Roadway Traffic Management TSE Surfacing

Command all your processes with a single, powerful solution


Easily create job entries and track them through to completion. Attach all job information, including PDFs, locations, and equipment digitally and assign to individual operatives or entire user groups at once.

Features Jobs Highways

Team Communication

Instantly push notifications and messages to individuals or groups. Attach PDFs and resources straight from your system, and gain peace of mind that everyone’s in the know and on task with read receipts.

Features Team Communication Highways


Powerful, customisable, and smart. Build your own or select from our catalogue of digital forms that ensures your site remains compliant, auditable, and safe. Instant communication and strict enforcement enable punctual and accurate submission of form information at all times.

Features Forms Highways

Capture, Sign off & Track

Track the status of all your assets and employees on the go with pinpoint accuracy, with all forms logging digital signatures, location and time stamps. Operatives can also attach detailed photographs with annotations and measurements, so you can stay current on what’s happening on-site.

Features Capture Sign off Track Highways

Live User Tracking

Get a granular breakdown of user activity with real-time locational data sent straight to the dashboard. Filter by jobs, gangs or individual users and enable admin staff to be more reactive when unforeseen changes emerge in the field.

Features Live User Tracking Highways

And that's not all...

  • Events and Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Form Builder
  • Reports
  • Offline Working
  • Quotes, Billing and Invoicing
  • Connectors
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See why Re-flow is the preferred choice

Play Video Premier Traffic Management
Case study

Premier Traffic Management

Play Video Highway Traffic Management
Case study

Highway Traffic Management

Play Video City Traffic Management
Case study

City Traffic Management

Play Video Chapter 8 Traffic Management
Case study

Chapter 8 Traffic Management

...But don't just take our word for it.


Re-flow is the best system we have utilised to date. We would recommend it to any business that has site-based staff. The seamless flow of information has enabled us to reduce time delays to our processes, increase staff productivity, provide clients with real time information on their job and has assisted in our cashflow. The option to build your own forms to your business’s requirements via very simple process and tutorials is a superb addition to what was already an excellent product and has enabled our business to become 97% paperless. The team at Re-flow are always on hand to assist should it be required and listen to their clients’ requirements which sees further processes developed through regular updates.

Barry Greenwood Quote Image
Barry Greenwood
Managing Director
Chapter 8 TM

With staff no longer constantly chasing paperwork, we’ve been able to concentrate on the work we’re doing and where the growth is. We’ve actually had a chance to sit back and review the business, and go ‘right this is where we’re good, this is where we’re bad, so we can improve there.’, and by making the improvements that we’ve made across the business thanks to Re-flow, we’ve been able to increase our workload, find better work – more profitable work, grow the business more sustainably and retain customers, rather than just constantly searching for new work.

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Mat Field
Managing Director
City TM

We were originally using another field management system and were concerned about moving to another one, because of the limitations of the system we were using, was another system going to be any better? Working with Re-flow has totally restored my faith in digitising our workflow, we have instant eyes on the ground, not just on the jobs but all our vehicles and plant. We’ve removed about 80% of our paperwork, reduced our time wasted by 35% and increased our business efficiency by 75%, which easily justifies the monthly cost. I could never go back to paperwork again.

Tony Bayford Quote Image
Tony Bayford
Managing Director
Fenton TM

Everybody took it very well, especially our operations managers from using previous systems that had quite a bit of lag on them. Personally, for me, it makes my life easier because once that client has the correct amount of paperwork that we’re invoicing for, they’re going to pay that invoice a lot quicker.

Marcus Casey Quote Image
Marcus Casey
Business Director

Re-flow has borne the weight of the time-consuming admin area of my role, allowing us to instantly issue/amend and reallocate resources and track in real time progress of work and compliance at ground level. We have not scanned in a completed job pack for over a year! We haven’t scratched the surface of Re-flow’s commercial tools available either. The team behind are very supportive, knowledgeable and fast to respond to any issues raised.

Daniel Garnett Quote Image
Daniel Garnett
Project Manager
Premier TM

Whilst it's difficult to put a precise figure on the efficiencies achieved using Re-Flow, I would estimate it to be in the tens of thousands of pounds. Implementing the system into our business processes was a simple and painless task thanks to the professionalism and quick service of the Re-flow team.

Andy Kearns Quote Image
Andy Kearns
Projects Lead - Growth Projects & Digital Transformation
Opals Group

Getting information from site immediately is a game changer. It’s cut down on paperwork, and in terms of progress, I can log in and see where everything is at on site. We did a tender for a new contract a few months ago, it asked if we had a system in place to get the real-time information electronically, take photos on site instantly – and they almost didn’t believe we could do all of it, on site through an app.

James Goodman
James Goodman
Divisional Director (Civils)

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