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Form Functionality

Strictly enforced, digital forms that keep your team safe and efficient, and real-time data that keeps your clients informed and happy.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?

Enable Compliance

Ensure that forms are being completed on time, and the correct information is being captured. Customise fields with drop-down options that leave no room for misinterpretation, open answer fields and more. Enforce completion in a specific order and block form submission if incomplete. Tagged with location, time, and digital signature, gain confidence that no corners are being cut.

Features Forms Enable Compliance

Photograph, Annotate & Attach

Operatives can use Re-flow’s built-in camera to take on-site photos requested by you and provide visual evidence of works being completed. Drawing tools allow users to annotate photos with measurements, shapes, highlights and more. Forms can then be exported with attached photographs and shared with clients to keep them current and confident in your services.

Features Forms Photograph Annotate and Attach

Automate Workflows

Enable actions to trigger based on how forms are completed. Update the status of plant, equipment, and other assets if defects are noted, and automatically schedule maintenance, change the progress of jobs as work sheets are submitted, send out e-mails and notifications, or even put entire jobs on hold when severe incidents are reported.

Features Forms Automate Workflows

Capture Live Data

When form submission is punctual and compliant, you gain access to high quality, real-time data. Instantly communicated information from all forms means improved rectification times, faster response time to non-conformances, and increased auditability. View and collate data being harvested through reports, and easily export and share powerful insights that let you and your team plan ahead.

Features Forms Capture Live Data

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