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Afraid not, our minimum number of users is 10. By all means, you can use only 3 of those accounts, but you’ll still be paying for 10.

We understand this issue – we’ve got lots of customers who said the same thing and so we have spent a lot of effort making the app really intuitive and easy to use. Much of the data is auto completed, actually making the process of form filling a lot quicker and easier than it would be on paper. The layout is simple and buttons are a good size. There’s a tool to change the text size and because the app is completely native, it integrates easy-to-learn swipe gestures.

Yes. The app your team will use in the field, works on iOS 12+ on the iPhone and iPad and Android: 7+ phone and tablet. It also rescales to any device screen size.


There is no waiting period for trial users. Without a trial you will have your system accessible within 2 working days from your confirmation receipt. Your system will then be ready to use and you will be free to enter your records and data.

Support is offered via our ticket system – accessed through the Re‐flow dashboard and by telephone. We monitor the Re‐flow system and our hosting services 24/7.

We welcome office visits, online screen sharing and have professional services available for site visits.

Connectors and Integrations

You access the dashboard through a standard web browser and all the data is hosted in the cloud – so you can access it from any PC, Mac, laptop... even a tablet, anywhere in the world. You don’t need special software.

Re-flow has a customs built connector for the major accountancy platforms such as Sage Business Accounting, Xero and Quickbooks. We also connect to Hubspot's free CRM platform.

We have a REST API, so a whole host of third party systems can push data to it, or get data from it. API access is available on our Enterprise package.

Security and data

Yes, absolutely. All data in transit is encrypted over SSL, the servers are protected with DDoSX (DDos protection), WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Threat Monitoring/Threat Response. Finally, we back up all your data everyday, on a 30 day cycle, so even if there was a catastrophe, we can restore your data. Re-flow servers are monitored 24/7.

Re-flow Plus rolls out with 50GB storage, Plus clients find this meets their needs with enough space to store 100,000 photos! Additional 50GB storage blocks can be added as required. Enterprise clients roll out with 100GB.