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We pride ourselves on our steady and rapid growth, and we’re always on the lookout for new talent to help us keep up the momentum. Whether you come from a traditional background or bring unique experiences to the table, our dynamic team welcomes all individuals who share our values and aspirations.

Current Job Openings

We don't have any vacancies right now, but please check back again soon.


Company Culture


Our clients are the heart of our business. Their needs and pain points drive us to constantly improve and innovate. Our product is more than a piece of software. It’s a collaborative process.

This attitude doesn’t end with our users. Our tight-knit team prides itself on the friendly and welcoming environment we foster, closely collaborating to achieve our collective goals in a manner that’s fresh, effective and exciting.

Social Events

Our team boasts a diverse mixture of interests, personalities and backgrounds –

all of which bring something fun and exciting to the table. It’s important for us to reflect this in our regular social events, taking the chance to strengthen team bonds and blow off steam. From group dinners to paintballing, VR parties and more, our team outings are always memorable.

Mike Saunders Quote Careers

When we prioritise our well-being, we create an environment that fosters growth and unlocks our full potential.

Mike Saunders
CEO & Co-Founder


We’re committed to supporting our team within the workplace and beyond. For professional development, we offer our staff role-relevant certifications, training and courses on us. It’s also important to take care of our team outside of the office, with YuLife insurance covering dental and medical needs, while EdenRed provides access to savings across hundreds of the UK’s biggest vendors.

Benefits include

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Workplace pension scheme
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Dental and eye care
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Life and critical life insurance
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Rob Turland Quote Careers

It's a fantastic place to work. Everyone here has the opportunity to grow, both professionally and personally.

Rob Turland
Head of Support

Remote Working

Re-flow offers flexible remote working with a priority on office work. We believe in the value of face-to-face interactions, while acknowledging that remote work can be valuable for certain tasks or personal circumstances. Our team enjoys a healthy balance between the benefits of flexible remote work and office collaboration.

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