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It’s not just about technical specifications. It’s about how our software makes your life easier.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?
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Stay Current

Real-time job progress and data submission allows managers and teams on the ground visibility of what’s been completed, what’s required, and the operatives, equipment and assets assigned. Instant access to live information enables reactive, data-driven decisions in the field.
Master Health and Safety Green Icon

Master Health & Safety

When safety is at stake, you need a system that can keep up. Increase auditability with digital forms that leave no room for cut corners, and instantly communicate with the relevant parties to record and resolve incidents efficiently.
Enforce Compliance (Green)

Enforce Compliance

Our forms are unique, feature-rich and powerful beyond collecting data. They enable you to use logic to enforce process, enact compliance, and harvest high quality data from the field at all times.
Communicate Instantly (Green)

Communicate Instantly

Re-flow's messaging, notifications and automation systems ensure your team communications are instant, frictionless and reliable. No more fragmented messaging apps, e-mails and chasing phone calls. It’s all done through the app.
Plan Ahead (Green)

Plan Ahead

Use list views to eliminate spreadsheets and deliver detailed reports ad-hoc. Review and filter data in real-time whilst utilising calculated form information to extract crucial insights that let you identify the challenges and opportunities ahead for your business.
Eliminate Manual Processes (Green)

Eliminate Manual Processes

A comprehensive, user-friendly digital solution means you can ditch cumbersome paperwork and fragmented, legacy systems. Lift the burden of tedious admin work, manual form completion and more – giving you and your team the time to focus on the work that matters.

What our customers say


Now we’ve implemented Re-flow, we couldn’t imagine running the business without it. If you don’t do this now, you’re probably going to get left behind.

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Will Stops
Managing Director
Landscape Services (SW)

We identified that we were growing so fast that we’d seen become overburdened with all the paperwork. Any type of business like this, who thinks they can carry on doing it on a paperwork system is just fooling themselves. You’ve got to embrace new technology, and you’ve got to be able to fill all this work in. I would recommend Re-flow to any contractor that’s looking for a better way of recording their data in a quick and easy way.

Tony Benger Quote Image
Tony Benger
Managing Director
Tony Benger Landscaping

The actual implementation - the setup - was clear, planned out. It made life a lot easier for me and the team who were implementing it at the start. The roll-out process was very simple, very easy, again, thanks to the support from the team.

Greg Baldwin Quote Image
Greg Baldwin
Managing Director
Highway Traffic Management

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