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Capture, Sign off and Track

Easily track the work being done on-site in real-time with annotated photographs, digital signatures, time and location stamping on all submitted forms.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?

Time & Date Stamping

See which operatives are responsible for completing specific works, and when they were carried out. When an app user submits a form, the exact time and date is automatically stamped on that form, ensuring that submission occurred at the same time as the work being carried out.

Features Capture Sign off and Track Time and Date Stamping

Location Stamping

Pinpoint the location of plant, equipment, vehicles and even your operatives – all assets in your records can be tracked. Attached to all forms, including time sheets, location stamping can be used for attendance monitoring, asset management and more. Using the map view, gain a real-time geographical overview of where operatives, assets and jobs are located.

Features Capture Sign off and Track Location Stamping

Digital Signatures

The Re-flow app enables users to electronically sign off forms, with their signatures being stored along with form data in the dashboard. With jobs and signatures tied to specific users, you can track exactly who completed a form, took a photograph, completed a task and more.

Features Capture Sign off and Track Digital Signatures

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