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Primarily utilising paper systems, Toppesfield was being held back by the consistency and quality of information being communicated between remote sites and the office. Without a centralised store of information, crucial documents, and forms such as risk assessments, method statements and cost details were stacking up. These would often find themselves scattered in various, random places across remote sites, which made important information difficult to access, and specific forms tedious to find


We wanted a system which would contain all our required paperwork for safety on-site in one place, without having to carry reams of paper about. The problem we’ve had with paperwork previously is the that the lads put their stuff in the boots of their cars, all over the place, so when you’ve got to find a particular piece of paper, they don’t know where it is, which can sometimes cause problems.

John Turner
John Turner
Safety Manager

Breakdowns in communication and reporting proved to be asource of more work and stress – each month would culminate in a rush to consolidate paperwork – a monumental task when forms are scattered between multiple operatives across remote sites. Toppesfield needed a simple but powerful piece of workforce management software that would be easy for their teams to use. All information in one, easily accessible place, and compliant digital forms that would arrive back at the office instantly. If reporting was made easy and consistent, on-site risks could be found and mitigated, rendering sites safer and more efficient.


Through industry contacts, Toppesfield found the answer to their problems – Re-flow.

With Re-flow, stacks of paper make way for a centralised store of information. Risk assessments, method statements, cost details, drawings and more can be attached to jobs in a PDF format and accessed by operatives on-site through the knowledge base. Beyond simple forms and documents, Re-flow also stores employee qualifications, certifications, and toolbox talks to ensure the right people are on-site.

Customisable digital forms enable a smooth transition from paper to digital – our catalogue of forms can be adapted to fit a business’s branding, language and KPIs. Operatives don’t have to re-learn crucial processes from scratch, just continue where they left off. Instant access means all necessary forms are available through the app, fed back to the dashboard instantly upon completion, with date, time, and location stamping.

When forms always return to the office on time, reporting becomes easier than ever. Securely stored in the cloud and accessible through the dashboard, users can filter by date, time, user, job and more to find the exact information they need within seconds. Data from submitted forms can be used to easily generate and share customisable PDF reports, which can be directly shared with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues.


With Re-flow, supervisors and foremen now have all the information they need in one place – any site-specific information is now visible through the app, ensuring everyone on-site is up-to-date and aware of hazards and the works being completed.

Safety forms now arrive on a more punctual and consistent basis. The ability to annotate and attach photos from sites, stamped with date, time, and location provide a detailed overview of exactly what’s happening on-site. This has enabled the back-office team to easily identify and mitigate risks and ensure a safe and compliant working environment.


We target our staff on reporting near hits, so we can learn from any potential risks and mitigate at the earliest possible opportunity. Since implementing Re-flow, our near hits have been at their highest level, which means that we can actually react to the risks out there. We’ve been really impressed with Re-flow and we’d be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their compliance.

Mark Salmon Quote Image
Mark Salmon
Finance Director

The expediency and accessibility of information being communicated between site and office has enabled Toppesfield to focus on the work that matters and become more efficient. When work is being completed efficiently, risks are mitigated before they grow into greater issues, and reports provide high quality data that allows the team to plan ahead, profitability benefits also.


Defect reporting has increased by 90% since we’ve rolled it out, together with having a much more sophisticated question set for the defects, which means we’re going to identify faults before they become big expensive faults, and that’s where I expect us to save money.

Sam Hennessy Quote Image
Sam Hennessy
Business Improvement Manager

Toppesfield continues to take full advantage of Re-flow’s powerful features to improve their operational processes, from mastering compliance, defects and incident reporting to increasing efficiency, reducing time waste and increasing profitability as a result. These are among the many strengths businesses find with Re-flow.

Track defects as they emerge and keep your workforce safe

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About Toppesfield

  • Founded in 2004, Toppesfield has risen to its position as the UK’s largest independent surfacing contractor.
  • Based in Claydon, Suffolk, the company delivers projects nationwide in numerous markets and regions, working with retail, ports, and aviation sectors.
  • In almost two decades of operation, the business has distinguished itself with a stellar reputation of delivering successful, high quality, and budget friendly projects of all sizes – from sports stadiums to school playgrounds.