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Keep your workforce focused and efficient with instantly communicated jobs that leave no room for misinterpretation.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?

Create & Attach

Create jobs packed with all the information your teams need. Attach PDF documents and drawings, as well as photos, videos, diagrams, and comprehensive specifications. Specify job locations and routes that let operatives easily navigate to remote sites, all of which are easily accessible through the app.

Features Jobs Create and Attach

Enforce Compliance

Attach mandatory forms including dynamic risk assessments, vehicle safety checks, and more. Enforce strict compliance and gain confidence that your team is remaining safe and on task with photo attachments, digital signatures, and time and location stamping. Ensure that you’re getting powerful live data that keeps you in the know, and your clients happy.

Features Jobs Enforce Compliance


Once your jobs are ready to go and assigned to your team, app users on-site don’t need to waste time waiting around for instructions. After securely signing in, the latest information is automatically synchronised to the Re-flow app. Operatives can then access all the job information and forms they need, even offline.

Features Jobs Synchronise

Track Progress

Get a breakdown of job progress across a geographical area with live maps, or use lists to get a detailed, informative overview of all your jobs. Filter by progress, user, job type, contract, date and more. Go a step further and use automation to trigger notifications and e-mails, or action workflows to direct the next step of the project.

Features Jobs Track Progress

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