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Effortlessly collate the data collected on-site and generate detailed, exportable reports that prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead for your business.

Extract Insights

When operatives submit forms through the app, real-time information is instantly fed back to the dashboard. Aggregate this data and extract crucial insights by running reports on job progress, sales statistics, equipment, servicing and more. Narrow down data being examined by specifying exact timeframes, mixing data types, or creating new, custom report types to find the exact information you need.

Features Reports Extract Insights

Export & Share

Share the data and insights from reports by exporting them as PDF, CSV or Excel documents. Customise which data is displayed, or even build your own PDF and present information in a way that fits your business’ processes. Powerful and informative reports can then be digitally distributed amongst clients, partners and your team effortlessly.

Features Reports Export and Share