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Live User Tracking

Gain a granular overview and become reactive by seeing the location of your operatives in real time.
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Uncertain about the full capabilities of field management software?

Map View

Access the map view to gain an instant overview of staff across a wide geographical area. Locational data sent from the app through user activity, such as form completion, instantly updates information in the records. This provides a real-time view of operative locations. Filtering enables dashboard users to narrow in on specific workers, gangs or sites.

Live User Tracking Map View

Granular Data

The ability to access locational data for operatives provides dashboard users with a detailed overview of user activity. The ability to ensure workers are where they’re meant to be enables improved compliance. More data also means more robust audit trails and better informed scheduling.

Live User Tracking Granular Data

Reactive Scheduling

When unforeseen circumstances emerge, administrative staff can work with better information and become more reactive. By viewing user locations, you have the information to be decisive and assign the closest operatives that can quickly respond to incidents on-site.

Live User Tracking Reactive Scheduling

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