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Operating on a traditional paper system, Premier Traffic Management suffered from poor information exchange between job sites and the office. Important forms and documents were often prone to loss, damage and poor completion. Operatives on the ground found forms a chore to complete and viewed them as a burden that brought works to a grinding halt. Unable to see the benefits, corners were cut and forms were left neglected, leaving sites struggling with low compliance and incomplete audit trails.

Poor communication between office and remote sites meant job progress could not be reliably tracked. Time was lost tracing paperwork across multiple sites, waiting for job forms to be returned or contacting teams to chase down information they'd failed to send. Ultimately, these constant roadblocks began to cost Premier Traffic Management valuable time and money, reducing efficiency and making long-term planning difficult.


Re-flow works to eliminate the need for paperwork in operational processes. On-site teams receive all their job information directly through the app, including PDFs, locations, equipment lists and forms. With easy-to-follow dropdowns and checkboxes, form completion becomes quick and efficient. What was once a burdensome, manual process becomes quick, easy and unobtrusive.

Strictly enforced compliance restores confidence in the information arriving at the office. Through mandatory processes, digital signatures and time and location stamping, admin teams can rest assured that they’re working with real-time, high-quality information.

Re-flow's cloud-based data storage ensures that lost forms and missing data are no longer a concern. Jobs are created and scheduled through the dashboard and relevant on-site users automatically synchronise the latest information when signing into the app. Through Re-flow's messaging and notification system, instant communication between site and office replaces the hassle that comes with chasing calls, texts, and emails.

Even if a remote site lacks stable connection, information from the latest synchronisation is stored locally on the app user's device. Operatives can continue completing forms, reviewing site drawings and PDF with continued access to all necessary information. Once connection is regained, local data is synchronised to the dashboard, and the latest job information is downloaded to the user’s device.

With real-time job progress and data submissions, managers can gain a complete overview of progress across their entire business. With detailed maps and list views as well as powerful data filtering capabilities, managers can make data-driven decisions in real-time. This grants them the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, and instantly communicate changes to supervisors and operatives on-site.

PTM Works Ahead

Having adopted Re-flow, Premier Traffic Management now benefits from real-time communication between office and site. User friendly digital forms and enforced compliance means that on-site operatives can now complete forms quickly and efficiently, without taking away time and focus from their work.

Strictly enforced compliances means that Premier Traffic Management's admin team is now receiving high-quality form data as works are completed, allowing them to make real-time decisions as well as manage resource allocation and job planning without needing to track down missing or incomplete information.

Job progress is now easily tracked and managed from the dashboard. Managers have a precise, real-time overview with time, date and location stamping, in addition to digital operative

signatures that ensure works are proceeding in a correct and timely manner. Each stage of their jobs can now be carefully planned out with access to a bank of high quality, historical job data, to ensure efficiency and prevent the unnecessary loss of time and money.


Re-flow has borne the weight of the time-consuming admin area of my role, allowing us to instantly issue/amend and reallocate resources and track in real time progress of work and compliance at ground level. We have not scanned in a completed job pack for over a year! We haven’t scratched the surface of Re-flow’s commercial tools available either. The team behind are very supportive, knowledgeable and fast to respond to any issues raised.

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Daniel Garnett
Project Manager
Premier TM

Premier Traffic Management has taken full advantage of Re-flow to digitally transform their business in almost all aspects. Overcoming compliance issues, mastering their HSE management and collecting powerful, high-quality data that enables them to better prepare for the future. These are the strengths Premier Traffic Management and over 80 other businesses in the highways industry have found with Re-flow.

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About Premier Traffic Management

  • Premier Traffic Management provide services such as temporary traffic management, event traffic management, project design, consultancy and more.
  • Founded in 2000, Premier Traffic Management has spent over two decades developing strong business relationships and a stellar reputation throughout the North of England, investing in the local communities in which they operate.
  • With a skilled and seasoned workforce of over two hundred people across its five depots and a commitment to high quality, Premier Traffic Management has distinguished itself as one of the top traffic management firms in the region.

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