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Re-flow Android App: End of Support for OS Versions 5 and 6.

With the imminent release of Android version 12, Google and Android device manufacturers will no longer be providing security patches for older versions of Android. In order to keep Re-flow up to date, future releases of our software from January 2022 and beyond, will only be supporting Android 7+

What does this mean?

It means that older Android devices running Android versions 6 and older will still be able to access Re-flow but patches, bug fixes and security patches will not be released for these operating systems.

Why is support ending?

In order to keep current, we are following Google’s advice, who announced that will not be patching this OS at all. Our customers trust us to be secure and to do that, the OS our apps run on need to be supported.

I have an older device that runs Android 6. What can I do?

You can continue to use the version of our app that runs on these devices, but we will not be adding new features or patching these apps. It is still an awesome experience, but it will not be able to install the new, awesome features as we deliver them. However, if you un-install the old version of Re-flow, it will no longer appear in the Play store on these old devices.