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Re-flow Field Management Review by Chapter 8 TM

Re-flow Field Management Review by Chapter 8 TM

Our goal is to give businesses the tools, opportunities, and support to find freedom and thrive. For Chapter 8 Traffic Management, that meant finding the efficiency to take full advantage of their place in the market. We knew they could find that with Re-flow's field management software.

  • Chapter 8 Traffic Management is a Mallow-based traffic management company, serving the County Cork area.
  • Established in May 2021, the company aims to deliver cost-effective service to clients, backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.
  • Despite the company’s youth, it has experienced explosive growth and continued success in the traffic management sector, enabling it to expand to its current level over a year sooner than initially projected.


Like any traffic management operation, Chapter 8 TM’s team operates from a variety of remote sites in various conditions. More adverse weathers often meant paperwork went damaged, missing, or incomplete, putting up yet another roadblock in the manual processes which were weighing the business down. Operatives working long hours would struggle to find the time to wade through stacks of paperwork – meaning important forms and data may not reach the office for several days. If a form was lost and damaged, it only meant further delays.

Though traditional, paperwork and manual processes bring a slew of inefficiencies and inconveniences with them. Without the data, forms, and information they need, the admin team would often find themselves at a standstill; unable to focus on the work that matters. As a result, the business would see an increased turnaround for commercial activities, which would cause it’s cashflow to suffer.

The team at Chapter 8 TM knew that their manual, paper-based workflow was unsustainable, but were apprehensive about the challenges a digital solution may bring. The alternatives on display were often overcomplicated and time consuming, with poor user experience that brought its own tedium and inefficiencies. They needed a powerful, user-friendly solution that took down old roadblocks, without putting up new ones. That’s what they found with Re-flow.


Trading paperwork for a digital solution means operatives can easily complete forms through their mobile devices, eliminating issues such as damage, transport, and information loss – no matter the weather. Re-flow’s user-friendly forms can be built to precisely reflect previously used paper forms, eliminating the need for re-training staff; seamlessly transitioning processes from paper to digital. Strictly enforced compliance and instant communication also means forms are always completed to exact specifications and fed back to the office within seconds.

Admin staff can access all the information from the site through the dashboard, without the need to populate fields or manually transcribe data. With so many roadblocks eliminated, staff can focus on the work that matters, and turnaround can decrease – streamlining business processes and cashflow.

Re-flow’s user-friendly design approach aims to keep businesses running smoothly and make the software feel efficient and approachable from the outset, even in the midst of a digital transformation. By allowing users to fully customise the forms, terminology, and branding, field operatives and admin staff alike won’t find themselves overwhelmed with adapting and learning our system. The system is designed to adapt to them.


Adopting Re-flow has enabled Chapter 8 TM to digitally transform their business, become more efficient and further aid their phenomenal growth. Now fully digital, forms no longer end up missing, damaged, or incomplete, saving admin staff at least 2 hours a day and contributing to a 50% reduction in time loss across the business. Not only that, but the company has also significantly cut waste and costs associated with paper processes – reducing paperwork between site and office by a staggering 95%.

Instant communication between site and office means admin teams can use Re-flow to track job status from arrival through to completion with powerful, live data – resulting in an 80% increase in cross-team communication. Office staff now have peace of mind knowing that all required paperwork will be completed to a high standard and available to clients as soon as works are complete. The ability to check forms and data in real time has enabled the business to ensure 100% accuracy on all completed forms, enabling a 50% increase in health and safety incident reporting, and an 80% increase in auditability.

Time Loss (Blue)
Reduction in time loss
Paperwork Reduction (Green)
Reduction in paperwork
Communicate Instantly (Blue)
Increase in communication
Enforce Compliance (Green)
Accuracy on completed forms
HSE (Blue)
Increase in HSE reporting
Auditability Increase (Green)
Increase in auditability

With minimal, basic training, staff have picked up the system are now able to fully digitise their workflows. Office staff can quickly find exactly the information they need through the dashboard, and operations staff have welcomed the ability to track the status of form completion, enabling them to stay current and keep their team on task and in the know. These efficiencies have enabled the business to optimise their service delivery, including quick and easy booking of invoices, providing a huge benefit to cashflow. Should any issues arise – they know they’re not alone, with our stellar support services always a phone call away.

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The level of support is exceptional. Rob is very thorough and accommodating. With one of the latest updates which enabled the end user to build their own forms we have been able to generate documents that fit with our precise business model.

Barry Greenwood
Managing Director
Chapter 8 TM

Instantaneous changes to job packs being deliver to operatives in the field via the Re-flow app has enabled Chapter 8 TM to be more proactive with clients to their ever-changing needs. As a business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the use of the system enables out of hours staff to update jobs from their tablets, whenever and wherever they are – online or offline.

Barry Greenwood Quote Image

Re-flow is the best system we have utilised to date. We would recommend it to any business that has site-based staff. The seamless flow of information has enabled us to reduce time delays to our processes, increase staff productivity, provide clients with real time information on their job and has assisted in our cashflow. The option to build your own forms to your business’s requirements via very simple process and tutorials is a superb addition to what was already an excellent product and has enabled our business to become 97% paperless. The team at Re-flow are always on hand to assist should it be required and listen to their clients’ requirements which sees further processes developed through regular updates.

Barry Greenwood
Managing Director
Chapter 8 TM

Chapter 8 Traffic Management now joins a community of flourishing businesses that have undertaken their digital transformation and come out better than ever, collectively bringing the industry into the future. Improving efficiencies, reducing waste, helping the environment, protecting the safety of their workers and much more – these are the strengths businesses find with Re-flow.

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