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Client portal update

Client portal update

Our client portal has been a part of the dashboard for over a year. It's allowed our clients to give their customers access to the information about their jobs. As part of V1.5.21, our latest update to the portal, clients can now grant their customers control to run reports and create their jobs themselves via the portal.
Grant Access

Our clients need to access the new client portal settings in the main admin dashboard to do this. Here they can toggle to enable which reports their customers will be able to access. Ticking the option next to customers with client portal access will allow job creation. They can also set what status those jobs will have to help identify which jobs were created by their customers. You can later filter the job list to single out those created by them for ease of navigation. That's the process for enabling these new functions for existing customers; when creating a client portal user account for new customers, you can switch on these new features during the creation.

Enable in settings
Create job
Create Jobs

Once granted these controls, your client's customers can see their jobs, including forms, schedules just as before. What's changed is the new create job button in the top right of the dashboard. They can create jobs with all the basic details, including work type, priority, description and location.

Run Reports

On the left-hand menu of the dashboard, they have the report function. This allows customers to run any reports you've given them permissions for to get extra information about their works and the progress. Customers can download reports as PDF, Excel or CSV documents.

Run report
Streamlined Communication with Clients

These client portal updates will allow clients to better communicate with customers. It will also empower said customers to track the progress of their jobs better with the reports feature and make direct requests for work through the job creation tool.

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