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Are you terrorised by a Frankensystem?

Are you terrorised by a Frankensystem?

Most companies are... they're brought to life by the increasing loss of efficiency that happens when people keep bolting on new systems on their existing infrastructure to try and keep it alive.

If you have anything on the frankensystem checklist, you need to speak to Re-flow...

  1. Disconnected and dysfunctional fragments of spreadsheets and programs
  2. Multiple data sources, insufficient systems and unclear outcomes
  3. Lack of visibility into your data.
  4. Difficulty in sharing information efficiently for both office and site based staff
  5. Lacking automation and proper functionality, team members spend numerous hours per week manually updating jobs from one software into something else.
  6. It is not uncommon for companies to experience issues due to a lack of control over the processes for form filling.
  7. Solutions lacks functionality to meet the business reporting needs.
With inefficiency comes an increase in the cost of doing business. Your business may increase its overhead, but a Frankensystem is sure to negatively impact you and your customers at some point.

Re-flow can save you! Give us a call!

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