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Re-flow Highways performance improvements

Re-flow Highways performance improvements

When a business in the construction industry makes the decision to undergo a digital transformation and bring all their workflow processes and procedures online, they experience a shift change in performance improvements. Once this step has been taken, for some, this is where the performance improvements rest for a while. With Re-flow Highways, there is an in-house development team working on the latest digital forms, functions and features that keep the software on the cutting edge for the industry, so for existing clients, the performance improvements keep on coming.

Within the new release of Re-flow Highways, the most important improvements for clients focused on the amount of control they have over their system, which inevitably leads to significant advancements in turnaround time for them getting everything they need up and running. Through giving clients control over features Re-flow had to previously code for them, they are enabled to react to new situations immediately.

Talking about the latest release of the software, Ashley Wing, Re-flow’s Head of Client Services, commented;

An example is the email notifications feature now available from their settings options. They can set any form to notify specific users by email once a pre-set condition in any of their app forms has been met, such as completion of a task.
Furthermore, optimisation of our system means these emails go out within seconds of a form submission. This is imperative for those who need to act fast on Covid-19, accidents, or defects on plant and vehicles.

Another performance improvement has been in the management of data. With Re-flow Highways, clients have the freedom to edit their list views, which are easily exportable as a CSV spreadsheet. Users can simply edit the view, date range and information fields to meet requirements and then export. This saves so much administration time and eliminates the laborious task of copying and pasting data.

Ashley Continued;

This improvement in practice means that with something like timesheets, dashboard users can simply filter the week and the user to immediately see a breakdown of the hours done every day, including a total. They just export the information and payroll will charge for the hours visible, without the need for additional calculations as Re-flow does all of this for you.
For a busy business, this data management feature can be used on any form data, any job, operational, record and any Re-flow user information. Just filter and export!

Re-flow is all about field management, but its diversity and flexibility incorporate elements of a CRM, HR and accounts and this make it very useful for different departments, which leads to a significant improvement in communication. The advancements in data management mean that if a company needs specific information, just a few clicks can show:

Improvements in auditing, communication, and information - with the flexibility of reviewing the data according to their own needs has been instrumental in giving Re-flow clients the edge on their competitors.

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