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Re-flow Highways Plug-N-Play

Re-flow Highways Plug-N-Play

Re-flow Highways' new ‘plug and play’ format has hugely reduced the amount of effort required by the users to get going with their new system. With previous installations, we started with a blank canvas and asked clients what they were looking for in their solution. However, this resulted in slower build times because of the learning curve and technical knowledge required by the customers to give them a system that matched their idea of what they wanted, but also functioned well as a workflow management system.

After building dozens of systems for highways companies, the Re-flow development team saw a pattern for an optional set-up emerge, taking the most commonly requested features and apply them to a new standardised set-up that comes pre-loaded with all the forms, features and functions required for a company to immediately plug and play. This made Re-flow Highways even simpler to use and enables the development team to apply some powerful updates going forward.

The Highways package comes pre-loaded with these forms, so you can plug and play:

Asphalt Calculator
Briefing Logs
Daily Return Sheets
Daily Site Diary
Depot Stock Forms ;
Dip Sheets
Feedback Form
Photo Upload
Put On Hold
Safety Observation Reports
Site Pre-visit
Sketch forms
Traffic Count
Vehicle Stock Take

Document sign off
Dynamic Risk Assessment

Generic Risk Assessment
Incident Report
PPE Requests
Plant Training
Plant Safety Check
SHEQ Audit
Toolbox Talk Logs
Vehicle Safety Checks

Absence Self Certification
Alcohol Screening
Covid-19 Screening
Driver hours Log
Drug Screening
Expenses Claims
Holiday Requests
Return to Work

Pre- configured and customisable- get the best of both worlds

One of the unique selling points of this workflow management software is that alongside the package configuration, clients still have the flexibility to edit their data views, tags and terminology as they see fit, giving them best of both worlds, in an optimised set up that can be self-customised to suit each individual company’s way of working.

Having a plug and play system was a real win for Ashley Wing, Re-flow's Head of Client Services, and his team;

“This means we went from a roll out time of 8 - 16 weeks, to a single day. So now, with Re-flow Highways, you can have a fully working system, with a multitude of features ready to use in 24 hours. All it requires is for you to add your records. Once that is done, you can start creating jobs.

With this process, we’ve seen our clients have Re-flow up and running the next day. A real achievement for our onboarding process was seeing the software being used in the field within 6 hours from roll-out, using the vehicle safety checks, and timesheets we supply as standard.”
See the Re-flow Highways Package
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