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4 ways Re-flow can help to motivate workers

4 ways Re-flow can help to motivate workers

Managing health and safety has traditionally focused on physical aspects. However today the importance mental health of staff is becoming more recognised in the workplace. One area to focus on positive mental health activities is keeping morale high. With Re-flow, you can use the workflow app to create a positive working environment, even if you're not based in the same location. Check out these 4 ways Re-flow helps:

1. Clarify expectations.

People need to know what you want them to do and results you want them to achieve. Tickable Task Lists in Re-flow workflows create a clear acknowledgement of accomplishments.

2. Provide regular recognition and praise

People want positive reinforcement often on their contribution and efforts to the job. If people’s contributions are clear, it’s easier to praise them for what they’ve done. Re-flow’s transparency allows you to see what’s been completed and to what standard with full records of completion, signoffs and photos

3. Bring everyone in on the big picture

Giving all the relevant project documentation to teams allows everyone to get on board with the wider project. Speeding up meetings to be more productive and creating time for bigger picture conversations

4. Show you care about their welfare

Re-flow has a number of features that let your team know you care about their wellbeing. Satisfaction emojis allow your staff to show how they feel about jobs and processes. Easy PPE ordering functions means they know their protection is paramount. Point of Work risk assessments mean your team can be confident on working safely in real-time.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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