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Software | 25 Mar 2021

New Release of Re-flow gives even more control in your powerful forms and processes

New Release of Re-flow gives even more control in your powerful forms and processes

Re-flow provides intuitive digital, mobile workflow management, field data access, safety and compliance software.

One of the strongest parts of our job management software has always been our powerful forms. Now with this latest V1.5 release, we're giving our users even more powerful forms to manage their details and documents.

What's included in the latest release?
Transfer Form Ownership

In the most powerful form update yet, you can now create complete workflows for forms and processes with the new ‘Transfer Ownership’ features. Reassign forms to other users for additional information or sign off or even create a workflow for forms to be completed by multiple different team members. With Re-flow v1.5, the system will instantly transfer form ownership with auto transfer settings based on the type of data contained in the form.

transfer ownership of your powerful forms

Single click presets to instantly build every aspect of your jobs

We’ve made it very easy to set up jobs by adding the preset function to regularly used essentials in specific jobs, so you can add them in a single click. We have also added a multiselect option to every field for users plant vehicles and materials, allowing the bulk addition of these assets, so that you can speed up your scheduling process and building out jobs.

Fill out new forms or amend submitted forms from within the dashboard.

Sometimes completing a digital form is missed on the job, so now with Re-flow v1.5, you can complete forms in the desktop and submit them to the job. Mistakes also happen, so if you’ve received a form that needs to be corrected, admins can now do this easily in the desktop dashboard. Previously the submitted data was ‘read only’ to protect the original documents, but now edits can be made and any changes to submitted data is tracked in an attached audit trail.

Flexibility to add or amend anything in existing jobs

If you’ve already put a job live and need to make a quick change, it’s really easy to update. If the option you need isn’t already in the dropdown, you can instantly add a new option of anything from clients to sites without leaving the job.

Re-flow customers using powerful forms on site

Amend submitted Bill Of Quantities from the dashboard

Used more materials than you planned? Jobs change and your invoicing needs to be able to reflect that. Now with Re-flow V1.5 you can easily add new items and update quantities in the live dashboard. Finding the right items to add is now even easier with the dynamic searches that filter as you type.

Add public or private notes to keep track of decisions and changes

Things change on jobs, but sometimes the reasons need to be shared on a need to know basis. With Re-flow V1.5, you can now add notes to submitted forms that get included in the job log. To keep your information secure, you can also restrict who can see the notes with user permission levels.

Instant status change for jobs

Control the job status to move it through the workflow or back if it’s not completed adequately. Add notes to show why the status was changed, such as approved and declined. Restrict visibility of the change log to selected approved users.

Makes status changes and powerful forms notes

Track current status changes in jobs and view the entire history in the pop-up change log

Easily manage your checks and balance system. If things go out of control, then you can easily figure out what went wrong, who did it, and how to fix it using your status change logs. Add notes to your changes and restrict visibility to selected approved users.

Data restructuring for information clarity

You can now drag and drop your data columns into your desired order, so the information you want to see most is at the front. Different scenarios required different field of information to be front and centre, so now with a simple click, you can restructure the information in your dashboard to a custom setting for every occasion.

Desktop drag and drop

Easily add any documents you need into a job with a simple drag and drop from the desktop. Once your documents are uploaded, files are securely stored on your server and available for you to manage on the records screen.

drag and drop into powerful forms

Save job presets with colour coding

If you find yourself in the tedious situation of setting up similar jobs and tasks over and over, simply save them as a preset and colour code the different document types for quick reference.

Take full control over your workflow processes and forms with our all-in-one field management solution. Request a live demo, or call now to speak with a software specialist.

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