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5 ways Re-flow makes compliance easier in the office

5 ways Re-flow makes compliance easier in the office

UK authorities are focusing in on new priorities around compliance, including the ownership, storage and protection of data and having indisputable audit trails. Construction companies are responding by having additional processes to strengthen risk management and compliance. Find out five ways Re-flow can help manage compliance risk in your office:

1. Instant, Compliant Access
Offices across the UK are using outdated and unsafe storage for their paper data. On top of being a issue for privacy compliance, paper files can be difficult to locate quickly and search for relevant information within documents. Switching to digital record keeping has been a win for companies over the past decade.

2. Futureproofing
Paper forms often go incomplete or unreturned. Not having the required paperwork in order exposes a business to unnecessary risk in the future – especially if it needs to be referred to after the involved personnel are no longer with the company.

3. Eyes on
Photographic record keeping allows a compliance officer to have eyes on a projects when they can’t physically be there on site.

4. Eliminate Human Errors
If data is being submitted incorrectly, viewing it as it comes into the dashboard can flag issues which can be fixed quickly.

5. Automatic Audit Trail
With everything uploaded and grouped together in jobs or projects with time, date and GPS stamps for documents, images and data, you’re left with an automatic audit trail.

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