Software | 12 Jul 2021

Ramping up Re-flow, with a signature submitted every 5 seconds!

Ramping up Re-flow, with a signature submitted every 5 seconds!
Signed, sealed, delivered

Through Re-flow software, you can send important forms to other team members, straight to their smartphones and they can complete the necessary information, draw their signature and send them right back.

Using this smooth process, not only keeps everything safe and secure, but it means there’s no need to print anything and store it in a filing cabinet. With the importance of audit trails, using a Re-flow form means you can preserve the authenticity of your documents and have a full time, date and location stamped record of when and where that signature was submitted. Looking at our 2021 data, we now have a signature being submitted via the app every 5 seconds!

See all of Re-flow's audit and compliance features.

Safety rules are your best tools

With an easy to use incident reporting system, Re-flow users are making a big difference the efficiency of their operations and more importantly, the safety and wellbeing of their overall team. Having an app-based system in place makes reporting issues to the right people immediate and enables them to take preventative or corrective actions.

Looking at the incident reports this year for one of our large Traffic Management clients, we can see several near misses and it’s the reporting of these seemingly minor issues that can flag a bigger problem, allowing them to change things before a serious accident happens.

This also gives operatives the tools to take responsibility for managing their own safety. Without a log system, management have no reports or data to indicate problems, so encouraging proactivity from operatives means companies aren’t simply waiting around for accidents to happen before they take action.

Own your health and safety with Re-flow.
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