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Re-flow shields users during national network blackout

Re-flow shields users during national network blackout

Last week 32 million O2 customers around the world suffered a network blackout that meant they were unable to use their data or get signal for nearly 24 hours.

At Re-flow, we have hundreds of users who are on the O2, Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff networks who were all affected by this glitch, but unsurprisingly, we didn’t receive a single support call. Why?

The Re-flow app used by operatives out in the field, comes with a smart sync function which gives full access to project information without the need for a live connection. Task lists, maps, drawings and any other documentation associated with the job that was downloaded from the most recent sync can be accessed on a smartphone anywhere, whether you’re up a hill or down a well.

What’s more, users can complete tasks, forms and upload information to the app and it will stay on the device until it next acquires signal or connects to wifi. At this point it will send everything that’s been uploaded back to the central dashboard, meaning there’s no drop in service for Re-flow users.

While technical glitches in the data network are unavoidable, customers of Re-flow should feel reassured that they can still function as normal while everything around them grinds to a halt.

If you would like this protection for the next time there’s a national network glitch, find out more about what Re-flow can do on our website.

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