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Plug and Play with our new Highways Software

Plug and Play with our new Highways Software

Over recent years, we’ve seen a transformation in expectations in how the highways sector should manage and utilise their data and workflows; how software should look and feel and how it can be used to make our jobs easier and our work more productive. Even in a sector that’s not traditionally been at the cutting edge of technology, the demand for more data, more integration and more innovation is growing

Choosing the right software for your business

While the processes involved in highways workflows such and surfacing, line marking and traffic management are similar across the sector, every company has their own way of doing things. With a seemingly endless choice of software companies to choose from, the demand for more technology has been met by an increasingly confusing pool of suppliers trying to retrofit their tools to meet the needs of a very niche industry. To be successful, a digital transformation project requires a proactive team, change management and a period of adjustment, but if the wrong tool is chosen to be rolled out, it can quickly cause chaos until either the company adapts to how they now have to work, or the new system is scrapped. Making the wrong choice can set a company back years, with wasted time, money and loss of commitment from staff meaning the digital transformation is mothballed.

When we created our first bespoke system for a highways customer, we were told the software was brilliant, but of course when something is built specifically for you, it generally is. The ideal scenario for any company is to have a custom system, but they can end up being costly if you have many complicated workflows and forms to be created. This has left the highways industry in somewhat of a dilemma. Use generic software that’s not specific to the sector and work around it, or pay out for a bespoke solution.

Industry specific and customisable- can you have it all?

As a bespoke system creator, we have built and successfully rolled out a huge number of platforms for line marking, surfacing and traffic management companies. After doing this for nearly a decade, we learned what the optimal set up for a highways company would involve and how to give these companies the slickest workflows, simplest user interfacing and best use of their data.

Today, we are extremely proud to have been able to bring Re-flow Highways to the market, which gives all the specific features this niche market requires, but also allows customers to customise their set up to suit their ways of working. As the original developers of the software, we can also provide additional customisation services if required.

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Should you invest now?

Implementing workflow management software doesn’t just provide operational support, its also turns your data from impenetrable bits and bytes into insight and intelligence that drive informed decision-making. As more and more digital applications are created for the highways sector, the opportunities for digital integration mean you’re ready to connect and use the insight for your competitive advantage.

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