Software | 15 Jul 2021

The what3word pick of the litter for new partners

The what3word pick of the litter for new partners

We understand how frustrating it can be to lose time on a task just trying to find the job site. Inaccurate post codes can sometimes be streets away from your desired location, especially when working in new developments.

We've supported manual dropped pins just for this reason, but dropped pins aren't easy to share, and near impossible to describe to someone. That’s why we are excited to be announcing that we’ve now integrated what3words into our software. Now you can assign a jobsite location to within 3 square meters!

To do so, create your task as normal, but when you come to assign a location and the existing options of drop pin or postcode marking, you can now select the what3words option. Using the what3words allows you to select a highly accurate area (three metres by three metres square) and be assigned a unique three-word code that you can share with your teams and third parties. Doing this ensures that everyone knows exactly where they need to be, without any confusion.

We’re thrilled to be working with what3words and hope you’ll keep an eye out for us in their latest newsletter as their editor’s pick of new partners. We’re looking forward to seeing our clients start using the new feature.

No more postcode pursuits.

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