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Re-flow Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

How to Earn Referral Rewards

Existing Re-flow client companies, Re-flow users within those companies or other employees of a Reflow client company using our workflow management system, (known hereafter as Re-flow Referrers) can earn referral rewards if a referred company signs up as a customer of Re-flow’s Workflow Management Software for a minimum of three months.

Referred Companies

Referred companies who have signed up via a valid Re-flow Referrer will also receive credit in the form of their first month’s subscription fee for Re-flow free. The free month may not be transferred to another company, exchanged for cash, or combined with other Re-flow offers or incentives.

The referral rewards for both the Re-flow Referrer and the referral expire one year after the initial referral takes place. Re-flow reserves the right to the cancellation of your referral rewards, if fraud, tampering, violations of these terms or Re-flow’s Terms of Service are suspected.

Multiple Referrals

Re-flow clients may refer as many companies as they like. For individual referrals, there is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make to receive your £250 reward. For company rewards, you will receive up to a maximum of £50 per month, per referral, for as long as they remain a customer. At the point of referral, you may decide whether you would like a personal or a company reward, but you are only eligible for one.

If the same contact is referred by two different Re-flow Referrers, then the first referral received by Re-flow and logged onto the Re-flow CRM system will be valid.

If the same company is referred by two different Re-flow Referrers, then the referral path which leads to that company coming on board with Re-flow will be deemed the valid referral, eligible for rewards.

In the event of two referrals being received by employees of the same Re-flow client, we will defer to the company to decide whether a company or personal reward is acceptable and to which Re-flow Referrer it should be given to, if applicable.

Termination and Changes

Re-flow may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or a person’s ability to participate in it at any time for any reason.