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Re-flow-Software as a Service

Getting back to work in 2020 has created a number of challenges for businesses working across the highways, construction and infrastructure sectors. With the threat of local lockdowns still looming, many companies have realised that upgrading their business systems can help them overcome the risks to productivity and profitability.

If you're still using your own in house systems, whether it's a mixture of legacy software that's turned into a Frankensystem or you have your own bespoke set up, when technology is advancing so quickly, take five minutes to see how using Re-flow's software as a Service (SaaS) licensing can make your operations faster, safer and stable.

In-house or Re-flow- which is best for you?

The initial cost of getting an in-house solution online is high because it demands large developer and hardware set-up fees. With Re-flow’s pay-as-you-go model, you have no set-up fees and won’t see a bill until after you have already started using the service.
Setting up and integrating everything yourself means the process will be considerably more complex and take much longer. Re-flow has been developed and battle tested over years, alongside customers across multiple industries. The hard work's already been done. You just plug and play.
An in-house solution is considered a capital expense, which means it might require more up-front work to receive approval. Re-flow would be classed as an operating expense, as you're only paying for an ongoing service. So fewer approvals from the boss to get up and running.
In-house, you need to constantly spend to keep your system relevant and future proof. If you reduce costs, development stops... your software becomes a dinosaur! With Re-flow, you only pay for the number of users you need, yet still benefit from a system that is constantly being maintained and upgraded.
Do you know how to set up, manage and then threat monitor 24/7 your own servers... and what happens if your system goes down? Re-flow is housed in the cloud in state of the art, secure facilities and monitored 24/7. It's all backed up several times a day with full disaster recovery support... so you can sleep easy.
In-house systems requires you to manage annual maintenance such as ongoing updates, and patches for bugs and issues. Re-flow is maintained and monitored by our expert in-house software engineers 24/7, at no extra cost to you.
Outsourced or not, you ultimately retain liability for your data’s safekeeping, however with an external solution, you can have peace of mind from expert services. If you have limited or no dedicated security staff, we have greater resources to secure your data, to create a more secure picture.
Most companies don't have a full-picture of all their software, making it difficult to make informed decisions. We’re always updating our software in line with the latest technology and industry trends. Our development road map of new features is guided by feedback and suggestions from our customers.
Most in-house solutions require an annual service contract for support and updates, which will increase the long-term costs. With the Re-flow solution, support is included within the subscription fees.
You’re heavily reliant on specific people who hold a large amount of business-critical information and your system will only ever be as capable as they are. If a member of the team moves on, you don’t have to worry about losing IP, knowhow or having downtime while you see a replacement.