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Keeping our road workers safe

A January 2020 survey conducted for Re-flow by YouGov found that only 17% of the public showed concern that enough is being done to keep roadworkers safe. This is in stark contrast to the rising number of incidents being reported by those working in the highways sector.

While awareness is rising, many of these incidents are being reported too late for any reasonable action to be taken to improve the safety and working environment for highways operatives, leaving them exposed.

Re-flow software, which is primarily a mobile workforce job management system comes with a feature that enables the immediate recording and reporting of such incidents. This has aided existing users to give a highly accurate accounts, resulting in quick action being taken and being able to prove or rebuff insurance claims.

Take part in our latest highways industry poll, where we map your opinions against our 2020 YouGov findings from the general public.

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Help us raise awareness

Reflow's #RecordReportReduce campaign began as we saw how much our app was being used to report near misses for road workers. After hearing some shocking stories of incidents where people working on the UK highways network were being abused or put at risk by dangerous driving, we began raising awareness of the importance of recording an incident as soon as it happens to ensure something can be done about it.

Re-flow software lets people working in the field take immediate action if they encounter any dangerous incidents or hazardous working environments.

In three easy steps, Re-flow can make a huge improvement to site safety:

  • Record what happened while the details are fresh and action can be taken
  • Report it to the right person in your company, so they can follow it up or make changes to keep you safer
  • Reduce the chance of being in danger or in line for abuse if people can help.
Share your story

If you work in the highways sector and have been affected by an incident where a motorist or pedestrian has behaved in an intimidating, abusive or careless way that has made you feel unsafe, mistreated or annoyed, please tell us about it here. Every submission is anonymous.

Submitted stories:

31st January
“I was installing new yellow lines in Swindon. As I was applying the markings, a member of the public came out of his house with a shotgun. He held the shotgun pointed at my face and stated, “you are not putting those yellow lines there”. I returned conversation saying, “you are absolutely correct” and I stopped immediately. I left the site quickly and reported it to my line management. No further action was taken against the individual.”
29th January
“All too often I see Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) placed which does not conform to Chapter 8, due to poor planning by the contractor. Additionally the workforce "take a chance" to carry out work without TTM being in place to protect them. The public looks upon TTM as a hindrance to their travel, rather than a safety measure to protect them and the workforce behind it.”
29th January
“Being a Highway Supervisor I was always aimed to get value for money from the contractor in terms of quality of material and workmanship. There were occasions I rejected the material arrived onsite or condemned shoddy work carried out by unskilled operatives. The actual threat I faced was from the workers on the construction site, during off peak hours"
28th January
“I was once working outside of the Rotherhithe Tunnel, when someone threw a glass bottle at me from a tower block. The glass shattered on the ground below, barely missing me. I believe if it had hit me in the head I would have been killed.”