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State of the Construction Industry Report 2021

Discover what's really going on in the construction industry.

The statistics can’t be ignored. We’ve consulted the most reliable sources in construction and one thing is clear – the industry is on the brink of a crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed us at a point of no return, exacerbating years of falling productivity, slowing employment growth rates and rising costs. Whether you work in highways, civil engineering, fit out or any other construction related sector, our latest report puts crucial information that every industry professional needs to know straight in your pocket.

What does the data tell us?
  • Workloads have risen to historical peaks
  • Around half of businesses are struggling to recruit workers in key trades
  • 98% of companies are reporting growing material prices
  • 80% of businesses have been forced to increase their prices in the last year alone

And that's only scratching the surface, full report explores the many pressures facing crucial elements of the profession, including Compliance and Health and Safety.

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What will you learn?

We won't sugar-coat it. If things continue the way they've always been, years of struggle are ahead for thousands of businesses. It doesn't have to be that way though, because we know the solution, and we want to share it with you. Discover how you can take advantage of Re-flow's powerful toolkit to fight the challenges we've identified by saving thousands in expenses, wasted labour hours, protecting the wellbeing of your ground team and constructing a business that will withstand the very harshest of pressures, both present and future.

The first step to finding a solution is understanding the problem.