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Support Prices Announcement

Announcing upcoming changes to form build pricing

We’re getting in touch with you today to clarify the cost structure relating to support changes and form builds, and how we are reducing our flat £250 amendment charge, to an hourly fee.

These changes are only applicable to custom requests such as form builds and adjustments.

Form & Report Development Builds

Our tiered model clearly identifies where forms/reports, that require a developer, will be charged. Charges, complexity and size of form development fall under one of three fixed price brackets.

Rest assured; our powerful form builder remains free of charge for those who wish to build their own forms, but if you need something more complex or lack the time? We can build it for you.

Form Adjustments

Requests for form adjustments by the Re-flow support team will now be reduced from £250, and charged at £85 per hour, with a one hour minimum charged.

This new model has been scaled in a way that gives our clients better value for their money.

Edits & Changes

Requests for edits and changes by the Re-flow support team will now also be charged at £85 per hour, with a one hour minimum charged.

We believe that these changes will allow us to uphold our commitment to providing the highest standard of support to your business, with pricing that is proportional to the complexity and size of your requests.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning these changes, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket request via the support portal.

Thank you for your support and continued business, we look forward to supporting you and your team.


Team Re-flow