Three critical reasons to implement Re-flow as part of your business' digital transformation

Michael Saunders, Managing Director & Co-founder at Re-flow joins Mikee Booth, Operations Manager at Highway Traffic Management onstage at Traffex 2022 to discuss the benefits of implementing Re-flow's field management software for highways.

Highway Traffic Management (HTM) is one Re-flow's oldest highways clients. We've been collaborating since 2019 to not only deliver them a field management solution that can effectively streamline their operational processes, but also gathering and implementing their feedback to best equip our software for the highways sector. Three years on, Re-flow has become a comprehensive all-in-one workforce management system, fully equipped with a powerful suite of features that covers all major operational processes. Without HTM's initial support and insights, we would've had a hard time growing to eventually become the leading field management software for highways. That's why we wanted to sit down with a member of their team, and properly share what our joint journey's been like; how Re-flow has changed the way they work, and why implementing our system is so crucial to a successful digital transformation.

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Atm MVIS City TM Breedon Toppefield FM Conway AA Express TM Premier Ashcourt Group Bridge TMI Logo ELM Rcwilliams Kelly Bros Safer Roadworks Fenton Traffic Management

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What made Re-flow stand out for us was it had both style and functionality. The aesthetics of it are excellent, which makes the user experience easy to run through and the system is clear on where you find things and how you navigate through it, so for our users it was perfect.

Greg Baldwin Quote Image
Greg Baldwin
Managing Director
Highway Traffic Management

We’d definitely recommend Re-flow to anybody. We’d welcome anyone that wants any advice or questions on Re-flow to come to us and ask us how we get on, with the implementation side, with the building of forms. We’ve only got good things to say about Re-flow.

Marcus Casey Quote Image
Marcus Casey
Business Director

We target our staff on reporting near hits, so we can learn from any potential risks and mitigate them at the earliest possible opportunity. Since implementing Re-flow, our near hits have been at their highest level, which means that we can actually react to the risks out there. We've been really impressed with Re-flow and we'd be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their compliance.

Mark Salmon Quote Image
Mark Salmon
Finance Director

We were originally using another field management system and were concerned about moving to another one, because of the limitations of the system we were using, was another system going to be any better? Working with Re-flow has totally restored my faith in digitising our workflow, we have instant eyes on the ground, not just on the jobs but all our vehicles and plant. We’ve removed about 80% of our paperwork, reduced our time wasted by 35% and increased our business efficiency by 75%, which easily justifies the monthly cost. I could never go back to paperwork again.

Tony Bayford Quote Image
Tony Bayford
Managing Director
Fenton TM

Fantastic product that’s helping digitise our GB Surfacing Solutions business. From demonstration to implementation the support from the team at Re-flow has been exemplary. They have ensured the product has met our initial implementation needs and I look forward to working with the team in the coming months as we develop and expand our digital work streams.

Iain Johnston Quote Image
Iain Johnston
Managing Quantity Surveyor
Breedon Group

With staff no longer constantly chasing paperwork, we’ve been able to concentrate on the work we’re doing and where the growth is. We’ve actually had a chance to sit back and review the business, and go ‘right this is where we’re good, this is where we’re bad, so we can improve there.’, and by making the improvements that we’ve made across the business thanks to Re-flow, we’ve been able to increase our workload, find better work – more profitable work, grow the business more sustainably and retain customers, rather than just constantly searching for new work.

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Mat Field
Managing Director
City TM