We can integrate any kind of form you need into the app, creating a single on site solution.

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  • Powerful Forms
Adding forms

1 Adding forms

  • Integrate any kind of form you need into the app, all built bespoke to your unique requirements.
  • We've built risk assessments, time sheets, site inductions, visitor records, permits, toolbox talk logs, waste management forms, stock records, SHE forms, HAV forms, chemical use logs… just about everything you'll need onsite.
  • Our forms can pull from databases, so that wherever possible, fields are dropdown pick lists, removing interpretation errors
  • Make forms dynamic, so users can be asked for information based on the previous response, removing user guesswork and unnecessary data input.
  • Integrate formulas into forms to automatically calculate results, so time sheets, mileage and stock forms can automatically add up and present totals.
  • Take photos. Mark on those photos and include them in your forms. Include signatures and automatically GPS, time and date stamp forms.
  • Forms work completely offline and you can save as you go. On submission, forms are stored until a connection is established and then automatically go straight into the cloud, immediately available to view as pdfs in the management dashboard.
Completing forms

2 Completing forms

  • Rather than having hundreds of paper forms, Re-flow forms crunch lots information into electronic dynamic forms on your worker’s device. Our forms only ask for relevant information based on the previous response, removing unnecessary reading and data input.
  • If you need your forms to be signed off, we include a facility so that users can electronically sign specific forms.
  • We can build and integrate useful calculators into the app that your workers might need to access regularly.
  • If your business marks equipment, parts or materials then your staff can use the app to scan and record items straight into forms.

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